Version 0.5


  • Removed ready event from DataStore.
  • Stopped testing on Python 2.6. As long as Tornado supports Python 2.6, tornadose will most likely still work, but for the ease of testing requirements, official support is now removed.

Version 0.4.1


  • Point release which includes a source distribution on PyPI. This avoids problems if Tornadose is a requirement listed in a file since setuptools doesn’t do wheels.

Version 0.4.0


  • Added a Redis-backed data store. This allows for cross-application publishing since anything can publish to the channel the store is listening to.

Version 0.3.0


  • Improve performance by always using a Queue for message handling.

Version 0.2.2


  • Fix bug that printed out all messages sent with websocket subscribers which was originally present for debugging purposes.

Version 0.2.1


  • Subscription handlers automatically get registered with stores. This simplifies creating custom handlers.

Version 0.2.0


  • Reworks stores and handlers (backwards incompatible!).
  • Adds a new queue-based QueueStore store.
  • Implements a websocket-based subscriber to supplement EventSource.
  • Begins to add unit testing.

Version 0.1.2


  • Defines an EventSource request handler and a DataStore object for using server-sent events with Tornado.